Look Here Design is a designer-artist duo providing graphic design, web design and illustration for businesses and individuals.

Our training in visual communication and fine art, coupled with a diverse skill set in technology, craft, and fabrication enable us to serve a wide range of clients, from beer garden entrepreneurs to MMA competitors to wilderness educators.

Oh, and if you want your new logo letterpress printed, we provide in-house letterpress printing on our trusty Vandercook Universal I.


Sebastian Smith received his first design commission in the 5th grade when he was paid to design a graffiti tag for a classmate’s artist name, “Risk”. He went on to study graphic design at Arizona State University and Western Connecticut State University where he received his BFA. From service bureaus to a small Connecticut design firm to Martha Stewart Living to running his own business, Sebastian has over 20 years of experience in both the creative and technical aspects of design.

His attention to detail and push for perfection is evident in his work, as is his passion for illustration and logo design. He’s often still designing in his head while drifting off to sleep–waking with new ideas to explore the next morning (which explains the collection of sketchpads on the bedside table).

In his free time he catches as many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes as possible, continues to write his secret novel, and plays guitar with his daughter.


Kerin Brooks Smith received her BFA in printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design, and went on to work as an assistant in the Style Department of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Upon purchasing a letterpress, she and Sebastian left Brooklyn and headed for the mountains of NY’s Hudson Valley where they set up shop in a little farmhouse with a big (formerly red) navy blue barn.

Kerin discovered her passion for typography through handling movable type on her letterpress, reading typography books and logging lots of hours on myfonts.com. She has been designing since 2001, and enjoys applying her fine art and printmaking skills to the design process. Her current favorite typefaces are Meta  Bodoni and Filosofia.*

When not plugging away on creative projects, Kerin can be found experimenting in the kitchen or garden, walking in the woods with her family and dog, or binge-listening to podcasts.

*subject to change at any moment